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Musulmán en australia achaca a la "cultura occidental" el violar a las mujeres

Curioso, no! lean lean
texto de news.au en Australia
Gang rapist blames culture
From: AAP By Kim Arlington
December 09, 2005

A CONVICTED gang rapist has told a Sydney court he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl because he thought she was promiscuous and "had no right to say no".

Un violador covicto de una banda dijo a la corte en Sidney que el asalto sexualmente a la chica de 14 años porque pensaba que era promiscua y que no tenia derecho a decir que no

The 27-year-old, identified only as MSK, said voices had commanded him to rape the girl, but also blamed cultural differences for the attack.

"Tiene 27 años, identificado como MSK, dijo que "voces les habian encomendado la violación de la hija, pero también achaco a las "diferencias culturales por el ataque"
MSK, convicted of raping two girls aged 13 and 14, faced sentencing submissions today before NSW Supreme Court Justice Peter Hidden.

He is already serving a 22-year jail term for leading his three younger brothers in the gang rape of two more girls, aged 16 and 17.
Ya esta convicto 22 años por liderar a sus tres hermanos, en la violación de otras dos mujeres de 16 y 17 años.

All four attacks took place at the brothers' Ashfield home, in Sydney's inner-west, in June and July 2002.

The court was told the first rape, that of a 14-year-old girl known as T, took place four days after MSK arrived from Pakistan.

En la corte fue dicha que la primera violación, de 14 años de edad, conocida como T, fue llevada cuatro dias después de que MSK llegara de Pakistán

MSK took an oath on the Koran before telling the court his cultural background was partly to blame for his crimes.
T, who had visited his house with two female friends, was not wearing traditional Muslim dress, he said.

"She was not covering her face or wearing any headscarf," MSK said.
"no llevaba cubierta su cara por ningun tipo de velo"

"Then she started drinking with us ... at one point she started touching my leg."
"Entonces ella bebia con nosotros.. en un punto ella nos empezo a tocar mi pierna"

MSK agreed T had not consented to sex but said: "I go ahead with it because ... I believe that she was promiscuous".
" MSK estuvo de acuerdo con T que no consintio pero dijo " segui porque.., creia que era prosmicua"

"I believed at the time I committed this offence that she had no right to say no," he said.
"Creia que cometi esta ofensa que ella no tenia derecho a decir que no"

"I believed I'm not doing anything wrong."
"Creia que no estaba haciendo nada malo"

T had told the trial that before she was raped by MSK and his younger brother MAK, who also was convicted, she was a virgin and had never kissed a boy.
T dijo en el juicio que antes que fuera violada por MSK y su hermano, MAk, que ha sido covicto también, ella era virgen y no habia besado nunca un chico

MSK said he believed that his 13-year-old victim, known as C, also was promiscuous.
MSK, también creia que la chica de 13 años, conocida como C, era también promiscua.

Now 18, T shook her head as she listened from the public gallery, supported by C's mother.

MSK had visited Australia nine times, including a 10-month stint when he worked as a security guard, before his arrest.

He told the court he now had a "better idea and understanding of Australian culture" after being exposed to the country's media.

"I understand now that what I did at the time was wrong and (that) what I believed was wrong," he said.

MSK also said he was drunk at the time of the offences, and was not taking the anti-psychotic medication prescribed for him by his father, a doctor.

"I was not taking my medication so I was under the influence of voices," he said.

"I was commanded by voices to go ahead."

Crown prosecutor Ken McKay told Justice Hidden that MSK's explanation for the offences kept changing.

"One minute it's the voices, the next minute it's a cultural issue," he said.

Mr McKay said the question of mental illness was raised only this year when MSK's applications to adjourn his trial were refused, but a jury found him fit to be tried.

MSK apologised to his victims for the first time today, but interrupted his apology to tell T: "Don't shake your head - I'm telling you something."

MSK pidio perdon a sus victimas, por primera vez hoy, pero interrumpio su perdón para decir a T " No muevas tu cabeza- te estoy diciendo algo"

Outside court, T rejected his apology.

"It wasn't a sincere apology. I don't accept it at all," she said.

MSK will be sentenced next year.

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