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Por ser educado, una noticia para "reflexionar"

30 testigos observan como un musulmán que por supuesto no se nombra, que los de SOS Racismo, no digan nada, de 16 años viola a una muchacha de 17, y estos 30 testigos no hacen nada, todos lo vieron y no hicieron nada, claro como no se puede llamar a un guardia, no hace falta hacerse el valiente, sinceramente lo de Europa empieza a ser decandencia extrema, los esquemas multiculturales han oxidado las neuronas europeas, que asco! por Dios.

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30 Guests in a bath watched as 17 girl was raped...No one did anything.


The girl was first approached by 16 year old boy in the bubblebath...
They followed her as she walked away to the grotto...inside the grotto they got her blocked in the corner...They ripped off her bikini, and the 16 year old raped her, while his friend held her firm...

The 16 year old was sentenced to closed youth detention for 3 months since he is to young to go to jail. he will have to pay 81380 S.kr. ( Peanuts, like 8000-10000 $ ) in compensation...

The other young man received no sentence. The girl is in psychiatric care after having repeatedly trying to take her own life.
She has troubles sleeping, nightmares, fear and panic attacks.

Los "jovenes" atacan en las piscinas, y los politicos creen que es un "problema de integración", no lo tiene que resolver la policia

Ungdomsgäng gangs up on swiming
Husby. Ungdomsgäng in Husby has thicksetly in systems to gang up on young from other town parts that visit the bath in the area.
- many off the young people see the as their. The does not think that visitors have here to do, says Kerstin Hellström on Västerortspolisen.
Husbybadet.Ungdomsgänge turned up and screamed” svennejävlar!”.
Photo: Örjan BjörkdahlPressens picture.
Several parents and teachers have consulted of itself to downtown area after the yesterdays' article and tells about how the become pressed and bestulna of pojkgäng after visits on Husbybadet.

A mum tells about that the daughter's class was chased away with kinds and kick-sleds in the previous week.

A teacher on Södermalmsskolan was where with your class and swum in February this year. On road against drum electricity banana later came a pojkgäng in 13-14-årsåldern towards them and screamed: ” now takes we the” and” Svennejävlar, you do not have here to do”. An older man that came between was pushed brutally down in a snowdrift.

- the was only up after fighting. We come never more to go there. I do not want to to set myself in order to become pressed when I am single-handed with 28 children again, says the teacher that wants to be anonymous because of dread.

The police in Husby take seriously on the attacks the wide bath and other sport facilities. Certain våldsverkare knows the to already. But according to Kerstin Hellström is that an integration problem that not only the police can loose.

- the exists other operators that try to break the negative trend and we never will let these young people few free play, says she.

On Husbybadet has one not labeled of some thefts or troubles.

- the is a lot of young people here but we have good order in on the bath. The is more difficult to know what that hands when the goes from here, says Robert shield, plant manager.

He sees seriously on överfallen and has been in contact with responsible in the town part board.

- the that goes to Husbybadet will not need to know discomforts before coming here. The can evil to that one isolates itself in the town splitters which is not good. The has with integration to do, says he.
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Pues eso, problemas de integración, y ya está, Dios mio, ayudanos, porque no saben ni lo que dicen ni lo que hacen.

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